Moonstar is a sleek furred, Silvery tabby she-cat with icey blue eyes and a scar on her front left ankle.


Moonstars mother is Dawncloud and her Father is Yellowbirch. She is mother to Cherrywish and Moonwish and is also mate to Leafwhisker. She also has one sister named Cloudfrost who is currently deseaced.

About MoonstarEdit

Moonstar is a Leader of Nightclan like almost no other. She feels very confident with her clan and would never dream of having he rlife any other way. She is not afraid to question other cats who choose to make fun of her and might even see the badness in the cat and kill them [blacktail] but not without reason, comming to that Moonstar is a gentle, and kind cat. These insitncts could also possibly come with being a mother to two she-kits. Moonstar is expected to have a long and happy life to live with her clan.